Limited Edition 1 of 10 Heavy Mando

Limited Edition 1 of 10 Heavy Mando

Who am I? I’m Just Another Chris and I like to make art. Mostly film’s and photos, but I love to make fun nerdy things as well, since I’m a HUGE nerd.


What you have the chance to get your hands on is a limited release, 1 of 10 handmade figure of The Heavy Mando from the hit show "The Mandalorian" each figure is signed and numbered.


What makes this extra special is that this figure is made to raise money for my documentary “The Collectors Mind” by purchasing this work of art you're helping make it possible!


You will also get 5 professional behind the scenes photos of making this figure as well as the special edition holographic Showroom Collectibles sticker! AND a signed 11x17 old school Toy Kings Promo poster from 2015.

    $100.00 Regular Price
    $55.00Sale Price